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Breathtaking Views in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

As a native Texan, I have spent many a vacation in Mexico. Short plane flights to beautiful beaches on both coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, and affordable prices make Mexico an easy destination for the frequent vacationer. I have sadly yet to visit one of Mexico’s most magnificent areas, Zihuatanejo. A small fishing village located on a well-protected bay on the Pacific Ocean side, Zihuatanejo offers hillside views that are just breathtaking. In the pursuit for the most amazing views, I’ve added this Mexican gem to the top of my list for my next vacation.

To really experience these views, there is one boutique hotel that is not to miss, Amuleto.  Set up in the cliffs overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay, each of the 6 suites offers complete exclusivity and luxury with private, open air terraces, lounge chairs and hammocks to soak up the sun and ocean air. 5 of the 6 suites have private, infinity pools where you can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy how the cool pool water blends right into the ocean.  Amuleto takes the typical infinity pool idea to another level.  The pool, the ocean and the sky seem to go on forever. Outdoor showers and sinks and all day room service, including massages, means you never have to miss one second of these views if you don’t want to. Watching the turquoise ocean mesh right into the deep blue sky over breakfast on your terrace or the ever-changing purple and orange hues as the sun sets behind the bay is a remarkable sight to experience.  Amuleto has it all figured out. With every amenity and service right at your doorstep, you never have to leave your suite to enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

From what I have read, especially on Trip Advisor, the food at Amuleto is exquisite as well. Margaritas and fresh guacamole served on your private terrace by your pool make for a perfectly lazy afternoon snack. The breakfast, served in-room each morning, sounds delicious with traditional Mexican fare, like huevos rancheros, tamales, and chilaquiles.   Interestingly enough, the dinner menu has a French flair.  Definitely worth trying, especially for a slow and quiet evening on your own terrace watching the sun slowly make its way down until the night stars start twinkling in the dark sky.  I can’t imagine a more blissful moment than this. 

Amuleto represents the perfect vacation I am always seeking: an easy trip to pure bliss and natural beauty.  I cannot wait to enjoy these spectacular views, extraordinary service and top of the line amenities. For complete relaxation and indulgence, Amuleto and Zihuatanejo are calling my name. See you in paradise!


  1. Amanda says:

    When i went my parents and I had a romantic stay at La Casa que Canta, which was amazing. We had dinner at Amuleto and really loved it!

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