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Block Island: An Unbeatable New England Vacation

Apologies for the absence of posts this past week.  We’ve been in Block Island where, unfortunately (or some might say fortunately), we had limited access to internet.  I absolutely love Block Island.  Hands down, it’s my most favorite vacation spot in the United States.  This little slice of paradise is a tiny island right off the coast of Rhode Island that I bet most Americans, especially outside of New England, have never heard of.  I certainly hadn’t until my husband and I moved to New York City.  But after our first summer visit to Block Island, we knew we had found somewhere special that we will continue to return to every summer that we can.  So what makes this my top destination spot in the US?  First off, the views.   Block Island has these amazing bluffs that go straight down to crystal clear blue water.  Since the island is set up on rocky hills, you get these great elevated views of the ocean and the beaches below, which makes for a killer sunset.  Second, the food.  Block Island is lobster heaven.  Every seaside restaurant has it, fresh off the boats, steamed just as you like it.  Third, the laid back, easy-going island lifestyle.  There is no pretentiousness here, just friendly people enjoying the island.  A car is unnecessary.  Just pop off the ferry, rent a bike or moped, and you are all set to explore the many beaches, fresh water ponds, and hiking trails.

Best Hotel on Block Island

If you are staying for more than just a long weekend, renting a house is your best option.  There are an abundance of quaint, cape cod-style houses with terrific ocean views available for rent through Sullivan Real Estate or Ballard Hall Real Estate.  I took this picture from the porch of the house we rented this past week, speaking of amazing views!  If you are just staying for a long weekend, Spring House  is the best hotel on the island.  It’s an older hotel, in fact it’s the oldest hotel on the island, which has its draw backs but makes up for in character and Victorian charm.  With a great sunset bar and large, wide lawn, this hotel is ideal for enjoying the views over the water.  White lawn chairs are perfectly set up for relaxing with your cocktail and watching the ocean waves.  The Spring House Hotel is a beautiful structure set right up on a hill with only about a five minute walk to town.  The rooms are not great, but perfectly adequate, and if you are spending all your time in your room, you are missing out on all that the Island has to offer.  What it lacks in room accommodations, it more than makes up for in views, accessibility and friendly staff.

Best Restaurants on Block Island

If you are renting, you most definitely have access to a lobster pot.  And there is nothing better than fresh lobster steamed to your liking right on your own porch.  You can stroll right down to the dock and stop into Finn’s Seafood Market to pick up live lobsters, any size you like.  If you are not renting, no worries, you can still get your fresh lobster. Finn’s also has a restaurant adjacent to the seafood market with the best freshly steamed lobster on the island.  If you are like me and need a little variety to your cuisine, Block Island has some great restaurants, Eli’s, Spring House and Atlantic Inn, to name a few worth mentioning.  But, my favorite is the restaurant at the Hotel Manisses, set in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by a garden of fresh local flowers, like peonies and hydrangeas.  It’s perfect for a quiet, romantic evening.  And the food is delicious.  Their seafood shepherd’s pie is a dish to remember.   This is one spot not to miss.

If you are looking for an easy island getaway, and you don’t want to travel internationally, Block Island is my top spot.  Amazing ocean views against rocky bluffs, stunning sunsets, nice beaches and fine dining amidst an easy-going atmosphere make this a perfect New England summer vacation.


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