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A Sailing Adventure through the Greek Islands

There is really no better way to see the sights and travel around an island than on a sailboat.  This is what no fuss, luxury travel is all about.  Wake up in the morning and jump into the refreshing water or relax on your deck to enjoy cocktail hour as the sun sets over the water.  This isn’t your typical 5-star accommodation with top-of-the-line service, but that is the beauty of it.  It’s luxe-style camping surrounded by the beautiful ocean air and the freedom to go where you want whenever you want.  All you need is a 40’ catamaran and a captain (even better if you have a friend with a sailing license!).

Sunsail has several options around Greece and elsewhere around the world like the Caribbean and Turkey, making it easy to plan your sailing trip. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing week on the sea, without a lot of tourists and boat traffic, set sail to The Sporades, the Eastern islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea.  Just as beautiful as Santorini and Mikonos, with the bright white houses and clean, aquamarine water, The Sporades are less traveled so you won’t have to worry about huge cruise ships full of tourists or other commercial groups roughing up the water and crowding the beaches.

You can piddle around, hopping from island to island or just anchor and relax as you gently rock back and forth on your cat, maybe taking a quick dip in the warm, clear water every once in a while.  At night, you moor at one of the islands, hop on your dinghy and head in to the “mainland” to one of the small, local restaurants right on the beach.  Oh, and did I mention the food…mouthwatering Greek food that you just can’t find anywhere other than the Islands.  Fresh Greek salad with deliciously soft feta cheese or delicate squid right off the grill make my mouth water at just the thought.  Flavorful tzatziki, warm pita bread, and, of course, for dessert the best baklava you have ever tasted.  My trip to the Greek Islands convinced me that the Greeks do food just right.

Stuffed and sleepy, you head back on your dinghy to your sailboat to relax and fall asleep under the stars and get ready for the next day of fun in the sun.  I loved this trip so much that I figured I’ll dedicate a second post to The Sporades.  Stay tuned for a walk down memory lane as I chronicle our adventure through the Greek Islands.

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