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Wishing It was Summer All Year Long at The Sagamore

If you have never been to Lake George in upstate New York, I highly recommend putting it at the top of your list for summer weekend destination spots.  As a Texan, born and bred, I don’t do cold very well.  And man it gets cold up there in the Northeast.  But Lake George’s beauty and summertime fun in the sun pretty much blew me away.  A beautiful, pristine lake set at the base of the Adirondack Mountains makes for scenery you expect to only see in postcards.  It’s no wonder that this area was one of the first vacation spots for wealthy Industrialists.  The Sagamore Resort retains that historic conservatism that pretty much makes you feel just like Baby, waiting for Johnny to whisk you off your feet in a perfect dancer’s lift.

The Sagamore Island Resort carries that old world feel with it today, a historic structure that’s over a century old.  It carries the grace and prestige of history but with a new elegance that makes you feel like royalty, even today.  Perched right on the water’s edge, it offers breathtaking views of Lake George and the surrounding Adirondacks.  Beautiful rolling hills,  landscaped lawns and that gorgeous backdrop make The Sagamore an ideal wedding venue.  Or that perfect evening to relax on the big white porch and watch the sailboats float on by as the sun sets behind the mountains, turning the water purple and orange.  It’s a picturesque place to spend a warm summer night.

If you have a boat, you are really in for a treat.  Right down the water’s way from The Sagamore sits The Algonquin, a fantastic steak house, even for a lake town.  Reserve a table upstairs by the all-glass wall facing the water.  Here, you can enjoy a delicious juicy steak, a nice cab and those amazing lake views with the Adirondacks sitting in the backdrop as if they were painted there.  It’s almost painful to tear your eyes away from that breathtaking view long enough to check out each of the prime cuts of beef and fresh fish of the day.  But definitely worth it once you sink your teeth into that perfectly prepared, tender entrée.  You really just can’t beat this.  You’ll leave fat and happy as you coast back on over the glassy lake to your warm, comfy bed at The Sagamore.

The Best Luxury Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico has long been heralded as one of the best destinations in Mexico.  With beautiful, sunny beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean and high-end resorts and spas, it’s hard to not have a relaxing vacation here.  The only challenge is where to stay.  There are three top-quality luxury resorts that are considered the cream of the crop in Los Cabos: Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Esperanza and One&Only Palmilla.

I have not had the privilege of vacationing in Los Cabos yet so I have deferred to a few of my travel advisors, some of my dearest friends who honeymooned in Los Cabos, to break it down for me on exactly which luxury resort is truly the best of the best.  Everyone has their own opinions, and you can’t go wrong with any of these, but if it were my vacation, this is what I would consider when making my decision on where to stay. 

One&Only Palmilla: No question this is a beautiful resort.  It has a wonderful swimming beach, several pools, including an adult-only pool, and several restaurants right on the property. But, and this is a big but for me, it’s big and has that resort feel to it.  My idea of a real vacation is a small, quiet bungalow where you feel like you are next to nowhere.  Palmilla has all the amenities you could ask for, just not the quiet, relaxing vibe I always seek in a beach vacation.

Esperanza: Esparanza has that old-Mexico feel to it. It’s smaller, with only 57 rooms, and has top-notch service and an excellent spa.  The views, like at the other two resorts, are amazing, overlooking the Sea of Cortez.   You can stay in one of the Haciendas, which sits on the bluffs over the Sea, for ultimate privacy and romance.  The only problem with Esperanza is that it is an older resort and appears a bit out-dated.

Las Ventanas al Paraiso:  This is it guys.  The ultimate Los Cabos resort and spa.  Sign me up now please for a week of utter bliss and relaxation.  This contemporary resort has it all: nice swimming beach, boutique-feel, quiet, great for couples, excellent restaurants and superb service.  The suites are huge, with private patios overlooking the ocean.  You will be waited on hand and foot and still feel like you have complete privacy.  All surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.   It’s a perfect destination for a romantic getaway.  I’m not the only one who puts Las Ventanas at the top of the list.  Globorati includes the five-star resort in its list of top ten hottest playground for couples.   And journeyPod ranks Las Ventanas as one of the best honeymoon spots

So there you have it. Las Ventanas is the clear front-runner and the place to stay in Los Cabos.   But, be sure you experience the other two resorts by dining at their restaurants. Each has one in particular that you shouldn’t miss.  Palmilla is blessed with Market by one of my favorite chefs, Jean-Georges.  He pairs his infamous pan-asian cuisine with a Mexican flair to bring out the local flavors.  Esperanza also has a restaurant worthy of writing home about: El Restaurante.  Built into the bluffs overlooking the Sea of Cortez, you’ll enjoy the magnificent views over the ocean while enjoying tasty seafood made with local spices.

For top luxury amidst Mexican hospitality and beauty, Las Ventanas in Los Cabos is the place to stay.  With almost 360 days of sunshine, Los Cabos is a perfect beach vacation any time of the year.  So what are you waiting for?

Mojitos and Sunsets in Cape Town, South Africa

Sounds strange, right?  Who would think to head to Cape Town, South Africa to enjoy the best mojito ever while watching a brilliant, fiery sunset?  At The Twelve Apostles, a small luxury boutique hotel in Camps Bay, you can enjoy some of the best views around, without even leaving the hotel.  This South African gem is perched amidst The Twelve  Apostles, a mountain ridge with twelve peaks rising above Cape Town, with awesome views of the Atlantic Ocean over Camps Bay.  The bar on the rooftop makes an ideal location to enjoy their tasty mojitos while watching the sun slowly slide down the sky and disappear under the ocean.  It must have something to do with where Cape Town is located, right at the tip where the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean meet, but the sunsets are amazingly bright, literally making the horizon look like a giant wild fire.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  The place to fully experience these views is at The Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa. 

The hotel is strategically located right across from Camps Bay, the best beach in Cape Town.  Most tourists opt to stay around the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, with views of Table Mountain.  But this area gets really busy, and other than Robben Island and Table Mountain, there is not much more than tourists waiting for the ferry.  The Twelve Apostles is only fifteen minutes from the Waterfront and much closer to Boulders Beach and The Cape of Good Hope, two spots not to be missed.   It’s centrally located, but still has an off the beaten path feel to it, making it perfect for that quiet evening to relax and take in the views.

This boutique hotel has the views, it has the luxury accommodations, it has the access to all the best spots, and it also has the best restaurant, The Azure.  Serving local South African cuisine on its outdoor terrace overlooking Camps Bay, The Azure perfectly pairs the magnificence of the surrounding scenery with superb fine dining.  Try one of their signature dishes, like Springbok Carpaccio, to get a taste of the local flavor.

The Twelve Apostles is the perfect place to experience Cape Town, but be careful, you might just get hooked on those amazing views, delicious dining and South African culture. No doubt it will be hard to leave when the vacation is at an end.

St. John – A Diner’s Island Haven

St. John USVI is one of my favorite Caribbean islands because you really feel like you are far away on an island with just a beach.  Only accessible by boat or ferry, it’s smaller than most of the other Virgin Islands with less hustle and bustle.  In fact, you don’t need a car – you can just hitch a ride with a passerby to hop from beach to beach.  What sets it apart from the “just another beach” destinations is that it also has absolutely wonderful restaurants.  The food is amazing, and you dine in these magnificent settings with just crystal clear aquamarine Caribbean waters as the backdrop.  Great food, beautiful views and nice, laid back atmosphere is my kind of heaven.

There are two fabulous hotels on St. John, Caneel Bay and The Westin.  You really can’t go wrong with either one. However, I really like The Westin because it’s remote enough to feel like you are on a private resort but close enough to get to town and the restaurants.  Caneel Bay is great also, but it’s on the other side of the island making it a bit less accessible.  However, the restaurant at Caneel Bay is a must-dine.  The Equator is set up at the top of the 18th century sugar mill ruins.  You dine overlooking Caneel Bay within the ruins in a circular, 360 degree outdoor structure.  The food is fantastic, local Caribbean fair with lots of fresh seafood.  Sitting on top of an old sugar mill watching the sun set over St. Thomas in the distance is about as romantic an evening you can hope for on your Caribbean vacation.

There are so many great restaurants on St. John – it’s really a diner’s haven for tasty dishes amidst perfect views of the Caribbean.  I could list them all out but, instead, I’ll just highlight my favorite that could be easily missed if you are not in the know.  Asolare is hands down the most beautiful restaurant on the island.  It’s set up on a cliff overlooking Cruz Bay with only about ten tables on a tiny balcony.  Asolare is the spot to really enjoy a Caribbean sunset in style.  The views will take your breath away.  It’s almost hard to pull yourself away from the table which is ok because you can stay as long as you like.  Asolare in Greek means “the leisurely passing of time without purpose”.  So order a nice glass of wine and get lost in the views.   The menu changes often as the chefs focus on serving the freshest ingredients, all locally sourced, with an Asian Fusion flair.  This is a dining experience you won’t forget on several levels – from the views to the ambience to the food.

Besides the beaches and the restaurants, St. John also has great beach bars.  Not usually something that I find remarkable, but for a real Caribbean island vacation, you can’t leave without frequenting the tiki huts right on the beach.  I don’t know what they put in them to make them so amazing but the fresh peach daiquiris with local Caribbean rum are heavenly.  There is nothing like cooling off in the shade with your toes in the sand sipping a frozen peach daiquiri made fresh to order.

With its authentic island appeal, laid back ambience, and delicious food, St. John is a perfect destination to soak up the Caribbean sun. 

Enjoy the Most Beautiful Lake in the World in Guatemala

One of the main reasons I started this luxury travel blog was to ensure that my readers never had any regrets in terms of places to see, dine and stay on their vacations.  Well, one regret that I have that you should never make is to travel to Guatemala and not visit Lake Atitlan.  It’s only about 180 miles from the airport in Guatemala City and is widely considered to be the most beautiful lake in the world.  Yes, you read that right, in the world.  Lake Atitlan is 1,000 feet deep and surrounded by three 10 foot volcanoes, Toliman, Atitlan and San Pedro, which make the views framing the lake absolutely magnificent.  It’s a perfect getaway to tag onto the end of your visit to the Mayan ruins or your shopping spree in Antigua.

Nestled into the hills surrounding Santa Catarina Palopó village sits Casa Palopó, a small private home turned luxury boutique hotel, that my friend Elena had the pleasure of staying at during her trip to Guatemala.  All of the pictures shown here are from her trip.  With only 7 rooms facing right off the lake shore, Casa Palopó offers an intimate setting surrounded by beauty to ensure you achieve ultimate serenity.  It’s situated away from the hustle and bustle of the other lake resorts, so you have the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.  The villa is constructed just right so that you can enjoy the views over the lake from almost everywhere on the property.  Each of the rooms has lake views, some even with private terraces, as does the restaurant, the pool and even the gym!  The absolute best accommodation on the property is the two bedroom villa that resides above the main building.  With a private terrace, jacuzzi, infinity pool and unobstructed views of the lake and volcanoes, this is the perfect way to experience Lake Atitlan.  There’s nothing like enjoying a nice glass of wine on your terrace watching the sun shimmer over the water behind three silhouettes of mountain peaks in the distance.

Since the villa is somewhat remote, there is not a ton of dining options.  But, that is just fine here because Casa Palopó offers a delicious and beautiful restaurant right on the property, 6.8 Palopó.  The continental cuisine offers just the right flair of traditional Guatemalan dishes with an idyllic backdrop of Lake Atitlan. Depending on the weather, you can sit inside the glassed in terrace or out on the veranda to enjoy the night air.  Both offer you unobstructed views of spectacular sunsets over the lake while you dine.  There is nothing I love more than the experience of dining.  Great food, great wine, peaceful ambience and breathtaking views make 6.8 Palopó a ten in my book.

If you are itching to explore, small Mayan villages reside all along the lake shore.  Accessible only by boat, many of these indigenous villages offer a cultural snapshot in time as they have changed little over the centuries.  After a taste of Mayan culture, hop on over to one of the many great lunch spots to grab a bite on the lake.  Two of Elena’s favorites with great lake views are Posada de Santiago and Sunset Café.

If you are like me and are always seeking picturesque places to relax and enjoy the local culture and cuisine, Lake Atitlan is a must on your vacation destination list.  Casa Palopó offers the spectacular views of the lake and all the amenities you can ask for to ensure a perfect vacation in Guatemala.  

A Special Dining Experience in Athens, Greece

Even if you haven’t been to Athens, you know what its biggest draw is, the AcropolisThis amazing ancient city is quite a sight to see.  But only a few lucky diners get the best view of the Acropolis, all lit up at night.  Most people look to stay on or near the Plaka, an area near the Acropolis in central Athens with an abundance of restaurants, bars and nightlife.  However, if you go a bit further away, just on the other side of the Acropolis, you are in for a real treat.  The Eridanus Luxury Art Hotel is an unassuming boutique hotel that is easily missed.  But inside, its modern art deco design, nice rooms and over-sized bathrooms and showers (hard to come by in Europe) make it a nice haven from the heat and the ancient, dusty ruins all around. 

What is really special about this hotel, and what sets it apart from other nice, but over-priced hotels, is the small restaurant found on the roof, Varoulko With only about ten tables, all lit up with candlelight, you have the most spectacular, unobstructed view of the Acropolis.  And at night, the entire structure is all aglow, radiating along the horizon.  A romantic dinner for two under the stars with a glowing backdrop of the Acropolis would be all that is needed to make this a remarkable dining experience.  But, instead, this small restaurant offers delightful and unique seafood dishes created from what was freshly caught that day.  Washed down with a full-bodied, fruity wine from the Drama region of Greece, you’ve got yourself an exceptional meal.  They’ve taken the fine dining experience to an entirely new level.  I am clearly not the only one who thinks so as the head chef has earned a Michelin star.

To be honest, I am not a huge fan of Greek wines.  The typical white wine, retsina, is way too sweet and syrupy for me, and the red wines I’ve found to be too light and watery.  But, this wine from Drama that we had at Varoulko changed my perspective on Greek wines.  Wines from the Drama region are much more like a Bordeaux but also have the smoothness and velvety finish of a California Merlot.  I was very pleasantly surprised.

All in all, this dining experience on the rooftop of the Art Hotel was one to remember.  An exceptional evening with one-of-a-kind views, beautiful surroundings, excellent food and outstanding wine.  How can you beat that?

A Sailing Adventure through the Greek Islands, cont’d

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about a sailing trip through The Sporades Islands of Greece. It was such a memorable trip, probably the most amazing vacation I’ve experienced, other than my Honeymoon in Bora Bora, that I thought I would share with you a quick rundown of our itinerary, chronicling our adventure across The Sporades. In Matt Barrett’s travel guides, he provides a really great overview of each of the islands I am about to take you through. Check out his site if you would like to learn more about The Sporades.

A Week of Sailing Bliss in the Greek Islands

Day 1: We set sail from Milina bright and early. There were 7 of us, 4 bedrooms and baths, in a 40’ catamaran. The sailboat was surprisingly spacious, never feeling too crowded. We had all just graduated from business school together and were ready for one last adventure before rejoining the working world. Note: I don’t recommend chartering a sailboat with other travelers that you do not know. If you don’t have a group, just hire a captain but keep your boat private. This sailing trip would be just as pleasant for two as it was for 7.

Today is going to be a long day of sailing. Once we get to The Sporades, we can easily sail from island to island in just an hour or so. But, the sailing part is half the fun! The scenery is just beautiful as we sail along. The less populated islands look like bright white, tree-capped rocks jutting out of aquamarine water. The water is so clear that you can see right to the bottom in the shallow areas. The weather is perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and a nice breeze to keep the bright, hot sun from cooking you.

That evening, we get to Skopelos. We moor, and its cocktail time! Enjoying a glass of Greek wine or a Mythos, Greece’s local beer, we sit back and watch the sunset. The sunsets are spectacular in the Greek Islands. These bright fiery orange hues reflect off the water and the islands turn a pretty pinkish purple against the sun. Just as the sun finished setting behind the island, we decide it’s time to jump on our dinghy and motor to the island for dinner. Here, our amazing dining experiences begin. I could subsist on nothing but Greek salad and grilled squid the entire vacation – it is so delicious, I just can’t get enough.

Day 2: Wake up refreshed with the freedom to do what we want when we want; no watches are needed. Time is completely irrelevant on our little floating paradise. After a refreshing dip in the ocean, we settle in for a cup of coffee and breakfast. From there, we have the day to do whatever we please. So, we get out the floaties, the kayaks, and the sunscreen, and enjoy a lazy day in the sun. Late afternoon, we set sail and head over to the other side of the island, where we moor up and head straight for the beach taverna where we eat right on the beach under the stars. Fresh, whole Mediterranean fish, calamari, greek salad, moussaka, you name it. And we feast. Back on the boat, we have one final toast under the stars before we head in for the night. Although small, the cabins are quite comfortable and the gentle rocking of the boat puts me to sleep instantly.

Day 3: After two full days on Skopelos, we decide it’s time to set sail once again and check out the other islands. Today, we are heading to Alonnisos. This is a smaller, less populated island. Alonnisos still has the low key, quiet island charm that you think of when you imagine the Greek Islands. Small fishing villages, no resorts and, best of all, minimal tourists. And it’s just beautiful. We tie up with some other sailboats right at the harbor. Alonnisos has several old towns, but the best in my opinion is Steni Vala. Its just a tiny fishing village, but has some of the best seafood tavernas in The Sporades.

Day 4 – 6: It’s time to party. We head to Skiathos where the nightlife and restaurants are abundant. This is the largest of the Sporades islands, they even have a small airport. It was quite a sight to see these commercial airplanes coming in for landing right over our sailboat! We spent two nights in Skiathos, mooring on each side of the island. Our first night, we moor the boat on the less populated side of the island and, unlike Skiathos Town, which is right on the water’s edge, we are the only ones around. In fact, once on the island, it is not clear where we can find civilization to eat! But, we just start walking and soon enough, we see signs for Koukounaries where we find a wonderful taverna set in a nice courtyard and have a fresh, delicious meal, like we’ve come to expect. Koukounaries is widely considered to have some of the best beaches in the world. The next night, which for us was the 4th of July, we decide its time to party it up so we sail over to Skiathos Town to check out the nightlife scene, which is definitely hopping. Skiathos is the Mykonos of The Sporades, so if you are looking for the party scene, you’ve got it right here.

Besides dining and restocking supplies, and the occasional beach bar, we hardly had a need to actually spend time on the islands. We spent our days floating in the cool water or hanging out on the boat reading a book or tooling around on a kayak. It was delightful. When we needed a bit more of an adventure, we’d go out sailing, watching the islands float by around us. In our floating hotel, we could explore the islands, play on the beaches, or just chill in the ocean.

Day 7: Sadly, we had to say goodbye to our sailboat and the Greek Islands and head back to Athens. But, we still had that last day to sail back to Milina and enjoy the air, the sun and the beautiful waters of the Aegean Sea.

If you’ve got a bit of an adventurous urge but still want a nice, relaxing vacation, charter a sailboat through The Sporades Islands in Greece. It really is a trip of a lifetime, combining all the best aspects of a perfect vacation: sunny weather, beautiful views, amazing dining experiences, and all the amenities needed to completely relax without a care in the world.

Block Island: An Unbeatable New England Vacation

Apologies for the absence of posts this past week.  We’ve been in Block Island where, unfortunately (or some might say fortunately), we had limited access to internet.  I absolutely love Block Island.  Hands down, it’s my most favorite vacation spot in the United States.  This little slice of paradise is a tiny island right off the coast of Rhode Island that I bet most Americans, especially outside of New England, have never heard of.  I certainly hadn’t until my husband and I moved to New York City.  But after our first summer visit to Block Island, we knew we had found somewhere special that we will continue to return to every summer that we can.  So what makes this my top destination spot in the US?  First off, the views.   Block Island has these amazing bluffs that go straight down to crystal clear blue water.  Since the island is set up on rocky hills, you get these great elevated views of the ocean and the beaches below, which makes for a killer sunset.  Second, the food.  Block Island is lobster heaven.  Every seaside restaurant has it, fresh off the boats, steamed just as you like it.  Third, the laid back, easy-going island lifestyle.  There is no pretentiousness here, just friendly people enjoying the island.  A car is unnecessary.  Just pop off the ferry, rent a bike or moped, and you are all set to explore the many beaches, fresh water ponds, and hiking trails.

Best Hotel on Block Island

If you are staying for more than just a long weekend, renting a house is your best option.  There are an abundance of quaint, cape cod-style houses with terrific ocean views available for rent through Sullivan Real Estate or Ballard Hall Real Estate.  I took this picture from the porch of the house we rented this past week, speaking of amazing views!  If you are just staying for a long weekend, Spring House  is the best hotel on the island.  It’s an older hotel, in fact it’s the oldest hotel on the island, which has its draw backs but makes up for in character and Victorian charm.  With a great sunset bar and large, wide lawn, this hotel is ideal for enjoying the views over the water.  White lawn chairs are perfectly set up for relaxing with your cocktail and watching the ocean waves.  The Spring House Hotel is a beautiful structure set right up on a hill with only about a five minute walk to town.  The rooms are not great, but perfectly adequate, and if you are spending all your time in your room, you are missing out on all that the Island has to offer.  What it lacks in room accommodations, it more than makes up for in views, accessibility and friendly staff.

Best Restaurants on Block Island

If you are renting, you most definitely have access to a lobster pot.  And there is nothing better than fresh lobster steamed to your liking right on your own porch.  You can stroll right down to the dock and stop into Finn’s Seafood Market to pick up live lobsters, any size you like.  If you are not renting, no worries, you can still get your fresh lobster. Finn’s also has a restaurant adjacent to the seafood market with the best freshly steamed lobster on the island.  If you are like me and need a little variety to your cuisine, Block Island has some great restaurants, Eli’s, Spring House and Atlantic Inn, to name a few worth mentioning.  But, my favorite is the restaurant at the Hotel Manisses, set in a beautiful courtyard surrounded by a garden of fresh local flowers, like peonies and hydrangeas.  It’s perfect for a quiet, romantic evening.  And the food is delicious.  Their seafood shepherd’s pie is a dish to remember.   This is one spot not to miss.

If you are looking for an easy island getaway, and you don’t want to travel internationally, Block Island is my top spot.  Amazing ocean views against rocky bluffs, stunning sunsets, nice beaches and fine dining amidst an easy-going atmosphere make this a perfect New England summer vacation.

A Sailing Adventure through the Greek Islands

There is really no better way to see the sights and travel around an island than on a sailboat.  This is what no fuss, luxury travel is all about.  Wake up in the morning and jump into the refreshing water or relax on your deck to enjoy cocktail hour as the sun sets over the water.  This isn’t your typical 5-star accommodation with top-of-the-line service, but that is the beauty of it.  It’s luxe-style camping surrounded by the beautiful ocean air and the freedom to go where you want whenever you want.  All you need is a 40’ catamaran and a captain (even better if you have a friend with a sailing license!).

Sunsail has several options around Greece and elsewhere around the world like the Caribbean and Turkey, making it easy to plan your sailing trip. If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing week on the sea, without a lot of tourists and boat traffic, set sail to The Sporades, the Eastern islands of Greece in the Aegean Sea.  Just as beautiful as Santorini and Mikonos, with the bright white houses and clean, aquamarine water, The Sporades are less traveled so you won’t have to worry about huge cruise ships full of tourists or other commercial groups roughing up the water and crowding the beaches.

You can piddle around, hopping from island to island or just anchor and relax as you gently rock back and forth on your cat, maybe taking a quick dip in the warm, clear water every once in a while.  At night, you moor at one of the islands, hop on your dinghy and head in to the “mainland” to one of the small, local restaurants right on the beach.  Oh, and did I mention the food…mouthwatering Greek food that you just can’t find anywhere other than the Islands.  Fresh Greek salad with deliciously soft feta cheese or delicate squid right off the grill make my mouth water at just the thought.  Flavorful tzatziki, warm pita bread, and, of course, for dessert the best baklava you have ever tasted.  My trip to the Greek Islands convinced me that the Greeks do food just right.

Stuffed and sleepy, you head back on your dinghy to your sailboat to relax and fall asleep under the stars and get ready for the next day of fun in the sun.  I loved this trip so much that I figured I’ll dedicate a second post to The Sporades.  Stay tuned for a walk down memory lane as I chronicle our adventure through the Greek Islands.

Breathtaking Views in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

As a native Texan, I have spent many a vacation in Mexico. Short plane flights to beautiful beaches on both coasts, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, and affordable prices make Mexico an easy destination for the frequent vacationer. I have sadly yet to visit one of Mexico’s most magnificent areas, Zihuatanejo. A small fishing village located on a well-protected bay on the Pacific Ocean side, Zihuatanejo offers hillside views that are just breathtaking. In the pursuit for the most amazing views, I’ve added this Mexican gem to the top of my list for my next vacation.

To really experience these views, there is one boutique hotel that is not to miss, Amuleto.  Set up in the cliffs overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay, each of the 6 suites offers complete exclusivity and luxury with private, open air terraces, lounge chairs and hammocks to soak up the sun and ocean air. 5 of the 6 suites have private, infinity pools where you can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy how the cool pool water blends right into the ocean.  Amuleto takes the typical infinity pool idea to another level.  The pool, the ocean and the sky seem to go on forever. Outdoor showers and sinks and all day room service, including massages, means you never have to miss one second of these views if you don’t want to. Watching the turquoise ocean mesh right into the deep blue sky over breakfast on your terrace or the ever-changing purple and orange hues as the sun sets behind the bay is a remarkable sight to experience.  Amuleto has it all figured out. With every amenity and service right at your doorstep, you never have to leave your suite to enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.

From what I have read, especially on Trip Advisor, the food at Amuleto is exquisite as well. Margaritas and fresh guacamole served on your private terrace by your pool make for a perfectly lazy afternoon snack. The breakfast, served in-room each morning, sounds delicious with traditional Mexican fare, like huevos rancheros, tamales, and chilaquiles.   Interestingly enough, the dinner menu has a French flair.  Definitely worth trying, especially for a slow and quiet evening on your own terrace watching the sun slowly make its way down until the night stars start twinkling in the dark sky.  I can’t imagine a more blissful moment than this. 

Amuleto represents the perfect vacation I am always seeking: an easy trip to pure bliss and natural beauty.  I cannot wait to enjoy these spectacular views, extraordinary service and top of the line amenities. For complete relaxation and indulgence, Amuleto and Zihuatanejo are calling my name. See you in paradise!